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Want to start easy on getting your dog fit?

Only have limited time for online courses?

Need some simple explanation and follow along content?

Join the DogFit Conditioning & Performance Academy!

Available on demand, DogFit courses are 4 to 6 weeks long, and some are self guided.

Most courses only need a small to medium space.

Every course can be done with minimal equipment.

What Clients say
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Team Foundations

DogFit Team Foundations

Build the best team for you and your dog. This 30 day course covers:

  • Building a team foundation

  • Clear communication

  • Trust goes both ways

  • Essentials for all sport dogs​

  • BONUS content to take you to the next level.

Dog Fitness

DogFit 30 Day Challenge

Get back to fitness!


30 Days of Fitness challenges with for all levels! You need to have some foundations before doing this session.

Over 30 Days we will have challenges across:

  • fitness skills

  • core fitness

  • flexibility

  • body awareness

  • balance


TrickFit 30 Days of Tricks

Working on a trick? Learn from a range of up to 50 unique tricks for all levels, from beginners to advanced. 

Working on your own tricks? I can guide you in getting to that next level, or even judge your exams for the AKC Trick Dog Titles (Do More with your Dog)

Handler Fitness

Original AgilityFit 30 Day Challenge

Do you need to get fit again for agility?


The AgilityFit 30 Day challenge for Human Agility Competitor fitness is perfect for any kick-start! 

Whether you're getting ready to go back to competition, or just want to feel great running agility, the AgilityFit Original 30 Day Challenge will make the difference to kick starting your fitness.

Jumping & Stride Skills

DogFit Perfect Stride

Train or re-train your jumping techniques for Agility and FlyBall.


This 30 Day course will see you getting the best and most natural stride possible, together with solid jumping strength. For dogs aged 13 months and above.

30 days of Agility

DogFit Agility Challenge

30 Days of small space challenges to suit all levels of handlers. Focusing on one technique every few days, this program will cover where you and your dog are up to, and allow you to just have some fun!

Suits European Handling styles.