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Are you ready for a breakthrough in your training?

Take yourself to the next level with the DogFit 2021 Performance Planner.

Hit 2021 running and get ahead of your training year. If you're looking for a great tracker and a way to keep your training on track, here is the right start for you!


  • Sarah says "Thanks for the planner! I got stuck in as soon as I received it, and it's already helped me plan the next month. Can't wait to see how we go!"

  • Rachael says "I love the motivational monthly pieces - thanks for making it so simple for me to get on top of my schedule."

  • Linda says "I'm loving the additional content that makes the planner so easy to follow!"


With 2021 well underway, don't miss out on your chance to make a difference to you & your dog's performance this year.

Are you:

* Struggling with what exercises to do next for your dog's conditioning training? Want to keep track, but not quite sure how?

* Needing better consistency on progressing your training? Want to learn how to prioritise the best exercises for your specific outcomes?

* Feel like you've hit a plateau and can't find a way to breakthrough? Want to have easy access to a variety of exercises and training that best suits your dog's needs?

The ability to plan, train and build on your sessions is absolutely critical to your ability to progress your dog's conditioning and preparation for any sport. Having a structured plan, guidance on how to build on it, and accountability in your delivery, will make the difference for you in 2021 - and you can do it with the DogFit planner.

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What's inside?

128 pages with 12 months of conditioning sessions, tips, and links to bonus material.

  • Monthly session planner

  • Weekly session pages

  • Results tracker

  • Tips and tricks for progress

  • Links for bonus material including videos, downloads and a mini course!

*Prices in AUD. Postage is separate.

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Frankie Aston - Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Frankie Aston was the first Certified Canine Fitness Trainer in Australia in 2016, and has 5 years of hands on fitness & conditioning training, including live labs, shadowing, master trainer courses, and ongoing fitness and therapy education.

Frankie runs 1:1 programs and conditioning classes, professional dog training programs and works closely with world leading Sports Rehab Veterinary experts.

With over 20 years experience in Blue-Chip Brand & Marketing Management, Frankie has a wealth of experience mentoring teams and individuals to success through expert Planning and Focus skills.

Frankie Aston and AgilityFit were nominated as Local Business of the Year Finalists 2020 in the Kuringai Local Business Awards.

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