AgilityFit is a Dog training business that focuses on Canine Conditioning for active dogs.

Our classes, courses and 1:1 sessions make your team stronger, faster and more flexible for competing in Agility, Flyball, Obedience and even the Show ring. The AgilityFit team is dedicated to providing professionally designed, superior programs and courses that are uniquely designed to keep you and your dog fit, fast and ready for all of life's adventures.

AgilityFit also runs Agility training classes, Trick Training classes and human agility fitness courses.

Frankie Aston
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT)
FitPaws Master Trainer and Equipment Specialist
Certified Trick Dog Trainer

AgilityFit Founder

I love working and competing with my dogs, and know how much more enjoyable it is when we are all fit.

When my own dog was injured, I found it very difficult to get the type of support and help I needed to get him back to competition and fitness. From that journey, I wanted to help so many other agility handlers and their dogs increase their fitness, prevent injury and live happy healthy lives. 


That is the heart and soul of AgilityFit : Keeping your dog fit, motivated, on track, and excited about your next active adventure.

Joining the K9Fit Team!

September 1, 2017

It's Official - Frankie is now part of the illustrious Bobbie Lyons' K9Fit Team. An amazing team of 10 highly skilled trainers, Frankie is the first International addition to the group.

Many will know Bobbie Lyons CCFT from her classes and webinars online. You can check out more of Bobbie's work on her site Pawsitive Performance  and take courses with the K9Fit team at Bobbie Lyons' Canine Campus

Photo courtesy of Maddog Photography

Make this season your best yet with AgilityFit.

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