AgilityFit is a Dog training business that focuses on Canine Conditioning and performance for active and sports dogs.

Our classes, courses and 1:1 sessions make your team stronger, faster and more flexible for competing in Agility, Flyball, Obedience and even the Show ring. The AgilityFit team is dedicated to providing professionally designed, superior programs and courses that are uniquely designed to keep you and your dog fit, fast and ready for all of life's adventures.

AgilityFit offers ONLINE and LIVE 1:1 Consultations for fitness, health and nutrition to suit your lifestyle.

Active and sports dogs are my specialty.

AgilityFit also runs ONLINE and LIVE:

  • 1:1 Obedience training

  • Puppy Classes

  • Teenage Puppy Classes

  • Agility training

  • Trick Training classes

  • Behaviour Training consultations

Frankie Aston 
AgilityFit Founder
  • Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT - University of Tennessee) 
  • Cert 4 Companion Animal Services (Professional Dog Trainer)
  • Certified LLA (Animal Behavior Works)
  • FitPaws Master Trainer and Equipment Specialist
  • Certified Trick Dog Trainer (Do More With Your Dog)
  • BSc Veterinary Technology (Currently studying at CSU)
  • Certified Canine Hydrotherapist (ACRA accredited. Currently studying with the Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy)
  • Certified Canine Massage Therapist (ACRA accredited. Currently studying with the Canine Health & Wellbeing Academy)

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