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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just start!

Doing the basics alone can make a difference in any active dog's life. And sometimes the hardest thing to do is just begin. You have the best intentions, you read up and get the online courses, watch videos and try things out.
Whether you're just starting out, or taking your dog's fitness to the next level, a session with me will focus on your dog's specific needs and goals to get you there.

AgilityFit Canine Conditioning - 1:1 Sessions​

All active dogs deserve to be kept fit and healthy so they can successfully compete in their sport. Even better, fitness and strength training for dogs helps lower the risk of  injuries. I work with dogs that are competing in, or aspiring to compete in Agility, Flyball, Tricks, Frisbee, Dock Diving, Herding, Obedience and the Show Ring.

  • Get your dog in shape

  • Increase their strength, speed and flexibility

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Give you a great team bond & a healthy long life together

Conditioning is very much about targeted programs for a dog's strength balance and flexibility. Every dog is unique.

Through tailored assessment and program design, your dog will get the most out of their fitness program.

  • Structural review and balance assessment

  • Tailored fitness program

  • Expert guidance

  • Targeted outcomes for your dog

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Starting out and not really sure what to do?  
Join the DogFit 30 Day Challenge

The original DogFit 30 Day Challenge will give you a starting foundation for your dog's fitness.

Are you becoming aware of Fitness or are you now training your dog regularly for sport?
Join DogFit Team Foundations

Build the best team for you and your dog. This 4 week course covers your foundations for sports, with focus on Body Awareness, Focus and bonding through Play.

Join DogFit Foundations

6 weeks conditioning foundations for your active or sports dog. Starting from the ground up, build your knowledge and application of Strength, Core fitness and flexibility, Balance and Cardio with specific application to your sport.

Are you a trainer and you just can't seem to get past a certain point?
Join DogFit Perfect Stride
Train or re-train your jumping techniques for Agility and Flyball, with applications for Frisbee, Dock Diving, and the Show Ring.

Are you Actively conscious and looking for what's next? Or do you need to take your performance to the next level?
Join DogFit Conditioning for Competition
This course will give you the targeted breakthrough you need to get to the next level. Delivered with targeted exercises for your dog, you can join the weekly live to get the most out of this 6 week course.

Want to start doing some other courses?
Join TrickFit 30 Days of Tricks

Working on a trick? Learn from a range of up to 30 unique tricks foundations for all levels, from beginners to advanced

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Steph & Flirt

"I can whole-heartedly recommend Frankie Aston CCFT as a canine rehabilitation and fitness practitioner.

My Border Collie had cruciate ligament surgery on both legs, plus a broken leg which required plating and subsequent plate removal following a severe infection.  All of this meant that for 12 months her sole exercise was going out into the front garden on leash for toileting, plus pottering around inside our (small) house. 

By the time her surgeon deemed her healed sufficiently for rehab and fitness building, she was very overweight and 100% unfit.  At 11-1/2 years old, it seemed like an impossible task to get her back to anything like a normal life.

Enter Frankie. 

Her empathy and calmness combined with her very evident deep knowledge of and passion for her work were exactly what was needed to set us on the road to Flirt’s recovery.  I greatly appreciated Frankie’s thoroughness in history-taking and physical examination, and her taking the time to learn what I could bring to the rehab process in terms of time and skill so that Flirt could get the best possible program.  Her very organised approach to both her hands-on work and keeping me fully informed of our progress and direction was great. 


Written exercise programs followed each visit, and when we started more complex work, there were demonstration videos as well. She is able to tailor both the exercises and how they are taught to the individual dog, and Flirt was totally confident in attempting everything Frankie asked her to do. I felt totally confident in Frankie’s work also, as well as fully supported all through the whole process.

The joy on Flirt’s face the first time she was able to gallop was wonderful to see.  I really didn’t think, back at the beginning, that it was something she would ever be able to do again.  Thanks to Frankie, her life once again became full and fun.  We both owe her a lot.

If you are looking for a truly excellent practitioner to work with, in my opinion, you couldn’t do better than Frankie."

 - Stephanie McColl


Sylvester, Gracie & Benny

"We noticed that our dog Benny was suddenly unable to jump up on the bed and sofa.

We took him to the vet who diagnosed him with possible luxating patellas. Our dog trainer recommended to have Benny assessed by Frankie.

We made an appointment with Frankie for our three dogs. We are very glad we did since Frankie noticed an issue a back leg of one of our other dogs Sylvester. It was something that we would have never seen ourselves but that was obvious once Frankie assessed him.

We have always ensured that our dogs get lots of exercise and maintain a healthy weight. However, it never occurred to me that to avoid injuries building muscles is not enough but that it is also important that the dog builds up the right muscles.

Due to her thorough assessment Frankie was able to put together an individualized training plan for each of our dogs. Frankie has a great way of explaining the exercises so that they are easy to understand for both dogs and humans. All three dogs get very excited when it is training time.

We have seen Frankie for a few months and the progress of all three dogs is incredible. We have been given the all-clear from the vet for Benny to return to agility training and with Frankie’s help Sylvester’s back leg issue is under control, if not even improved. Our third dog Gracie benefits from the training not only through gaining the right muscles but also by building up confidence."

 - Hildrun


Noelle & Ned

" At 11yo, Ned - my Kelpie - started training with Frankie. I wanted to keep Ned fit and competing without injury in Agility as long as he could. With Frankie's help and training, Ned continued to play agility and often won his class. I have no doubt it's due to Frankie's canine conditioning program."


 - Noelle

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