Be the best team you can be on and off the course.

AgilityFit is a dog conditioning and training services for active and sports dogs. Classes range from Puppy and Teenage puppy to behavioural consults, sports foundations and fitness.

AgilityFit Canine Conditioning - 1:1 Sessions​

Keep you dog fit and ready for their sport. Whether it's agility, Flyball, Schutzhund, dock diving, herding or even obedience, all dogs who are active deserve to be kept fit and healthy so they can successfully compete in their sport. Even better, fitness and strength training for dogs helps lower the risk of  injuries.

  • Get your dog in shape for their sport

  • Increase their strength, speed and flexibility

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Give you a great team bond & a healthy long life together

Conditioning is very much about targeted programs for a dog's strength balance and flexibility. Every dog is unique.

Through tailored assessment and program design, your dog will get the most out of their fitness program.


  • Structural review and balance assessment

  • Tailored fitness program

  • Expert guidance

  • Targeted outcomes for your dog

Initial session for assessments is $90.00 (AUD) either live or online.

Give your dog the gift of health and good fitness today.

What Clients say

"Ned is my 12yo Kelpie who has been training with Frankie for about 12 months now. I wanted to keep Ned fit and competing without injury in Agility as long as he can. With Frankie's help and training, Ned continues to play agility and often wins his class. I have no doubt it's due to Frankie's canine conditioning program."



"Walter is my 7yo Belgian Sheppard who was recovering from ACL slowly. We started seeing Frankie 6 months ago, and the results are outstanding. Walter's back has strengthened enough to be flat instead of curved, and he's now jumping 500 height at club. Most of all, Walter enjoys his fitness sessions so much he knows exactly what day he's seeing Frankie, and is excited to see her every week."



"Pepper is my young Poodle, who has had a tough time with fear periods. With Frankie's expert guidance she has begun to regain a lot of confidence in herself, particularly in how she's using her body. I am looking forward to playing agility with Pepper soon, thanks to Frankie's conditioning."


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