Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just start!

Doing the basics alone can make a difference in any active dog's life. And sometimes the hardest thing to do is just begin. You have the best intentions, you read up and get the online courses, watch videos and try things out.
Whether you're just starting out, or taking your dog's fitness to the next level, a session with me will focus on your dog's specific needs and goals to get you there.

AgilityFit Canine Conditioning - 1:1 Sessions​

all dogs who are active deserve to be kept fit and healthy so they can successfully compete in their sport. Even better, fitness and strength training for dogs helps lower the risk of  injuries. I work with dogs that are competing in, or aspiring to compete in Agility, Flyball, Tricks, Frisbee, Dock Diving, Herding, Obedience and the Show Ring.

  • Get your dog in shape

  • Increase their strength, speed and flexibility

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Give you a great team bond & a healthy long life together

Conditioning is very much about targeted programs for a dog's strength balance and flexibility. Every dog is unique.

Through tailored assessment and program design, your dog will get the most out of their fitness program.


  • Structural review and balance assessment

  • Tailored fitness program

  • Expert guidance

  • Targeted outcomes for your dog

What Clients say

"We noticed that our dog Benny was suddenly unable to jump up on the bed and sofa. We took him to the vet

who diagnosed him with possible luxating patellas. Our dog trainer recommended to have Benny assessed by Frankie. We made an appointment with Frankie for our three dogs. We are very glad we did since Frankie noticed an issue a back leg of one of our other dogs Sylvester. It was something that we would have never seen ourselves but that was obvious once Frankie assessed him.

We have always ensured that our dogs get lots of exercise and maintain a healthy weight. However, it never occurred to me that to avoid injuries building muscles is not enough but that it is also important that the dog builds up the right muscles.

Due to her thorough assessment Frankie was able to put together an individualized training plan for each of our dogs. Frankie has a great way of explaining the exercises so that they are easy to understand for both dogs and humans. All three dogs get very excited when it is training time.

We have only seen Frankie for a few months but the progress of all three dogs is incredible. We have been given the clear from the vet for Benny to return to agility training and we are hopeful that with Frankie’s help Sylvester’s bag let issue can be kept under control for a long time if not even improved. Our third dog Gracie benefits from the training not only through gaining the right muscles but also by building up confidence."


"Ned is my 12yo Kelpie who has been training with Frankie for about 12 months now. I wanted to keep Ned fit and competing without injury in Agility as long as he can. With Frankie's help and training, Ned continues to play agility and often wins his class. I have no doubt it's due to Frankie's canine conditioning program."



"Walter is my 7yo Belgian Sheppard who was recovering from ACL slowly. We started seeing Frankie 6 months ago, and the results are outstanding. Walter's back has strengthened enough to be flat instead of curved, and he's now jumping 500 height at club. Most of all, Walter enjoys his fitness sessions so much he knows exactly what day he's seeing Frankie, and is excited to see her every week."



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