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Getting the most out of your conditioning sessions

No doubt all of us have the priority of our dogs' health top of mind. We put so much into their health, their training, their mental well being, and their overall fitness so that they're happy and we can play as strong and healthy teams. Within the busy-ness of our lives, it's hard to keep up with the constant flow of information coming our way. How do you know what's useful and what's not? When you're first starting out with your dog's fitness, there's a lot to take on board and it's easy to hit a plateau.

Have you ever woken up and thought "Just today I'd love someone to tell me what to do"? Sometimes we need a little inspiration to do something different, and we're not sure where to get that. My Clients certainly enjoy the ability to lean on me for inspiration and help at any time. You could say they have an expert in their hip pocket that helps keep them progressing. While we may aspire to be good at all the things all the time, that ideal isn't always a reality.  Having some handy tools to help us cut through the busy and prioritise what next was high on the list of wants when I asked my Clients what would make a difference in their conditioning sessions, recently. So what are the essential parts of progress in regards to canine conditioning? The way I define a breakthrough depends on the elements that go into that breakthrough. You need the right tools, know how and skills to make that progress happen. When you have good tools (documents, plans, specific programs) and some know how (exercises, understanding of progressions, how to put exercises together), you can progress with the right actions. Likewise when you have some know how and some skills (Clear training communication, dog's skills, foundations) to go with those, you have the ability to get your dog's fitness to the next level. When you have good tools and some skills, you can keep plans moving, and get to the next level.

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When we have all three of these things, breakthroughs can occur. That's where we lift beyond the plateau, and keep progressing.

Ok - "all this sounds like a lot of work, Frankie", I hear you say. And yes, it can be - but I'm here to make it a little easier. Take advantage of my expertise and get progress going for your dog's conditioning.

I have a range of tools and support to get you started.

Tools to help you get started on this journey: I have developed a couple of simple tools that are free to download in the DogFit Conditioning & Performance Academy. You will find a free session planner to take the headache out of your progress. I encourage you to discover this handy tool and try it out in your sessions.

Know how to help your progress: Take one of my foundations courses in the Academy or join my Monday Night Chats -  on the AgilityFit Facebook Page .

Skills: take yourself to the next level by booking a 1:1 session with me either in person or online, and see how you can get to the next breakthrough, no matter your sport or activity. Contact me directly at for more information.

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