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  • Frankie Aston

You don't need fancy equipment to start your dog's fitness.

When I first started out with canine fitness, I had nothing more than a balance board and that was it. I didn't know it at the time, but I didn't even need that to get started. Getting my first agility dog - Jaxon - fit  was a great learning experience. No doubt, it's an experience that most agility handlers will have as you progress with your love of this sport. No matter your dog sport, you can probably relate to my journey.

  About 6 months into our Agility career,  Jaxon 'decided' that he really wasn't interested in Agility anymore. I couldn't understand why a puppy who had loved going to training & playing on the equipment now had no interest whatsoever. At every occasion, he decided running off or sniffing would be a better option. I felt pretty sad for him, and guilty that I was trying to get him to do things he didn't want to do.  I wondered if he truly liked Agility at all.

  Jaxon's behaviour receded to a point where he wouldn't jump at all. It was then I finally I clicked something was wrong.

  A thorough check-over & watch-out for other symptoms turned up no nasty ticks or illnesses. My vet did find Jaxon was sore in the thoracic-lumbar area. She referred me to the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney, and I was introduced to Dr. Helen Nicholson - a very talented animal (and human) physio who worked there at the time.

  It turned out that I learned so much that I already knew about human fitness, but never thought to apply for Jaxon. Thanks to Helen's expertise, I discovered Jaxon had weak "core" muscles, so every time he did agility, it was hurting him. In particular weaves, a-frame and jumping. Poor baby.

  I had great tools and a brilliant plan to build up Jaxon's "core" muscles through strength, balance, special stretch and movement exercises. Thanks to this foundation (with no initial equipment!) I got Jaxon fit and happy for Agility and have continued to learn and grow those skills.

  From that inspiration and passion for fitness in my own dog, I have now become an expert myself, following my passion to help other dogs be as fit as possible for their active lives and chosen sports. Building fitness from injury recovery and in prevention to injury has taught me so much, and I am so grateful to bring my skills and expertise to help you on your journey.

It can be hard to know exactly where you and your dog should start. I have put together a range of programs and classes targeted across the range of needs for active and sports dogs. Message or e-mail me today to see how I can help you and your dog reach your fitness and conditioning goals.

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