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DogFit Best Start

Online Puppy Class

Want the best start for your new Puppy? Are you worried about:

  • settling in your puppy with the Family

  • toilet training

  • biting 

  • walking on lead

My online course for new puppies is like having a trainer in your pocket over the first 5 weeks

This class adds to any other training you're doing, and gives you the best, positive start for life with your new pup.


  • 4 Online Live Sessions

  • Private group with weekly Q&A session

  • Full content library of videos and training info

  • Puppy Diary

  • Graduation pack

  • Professional support for the full course


DogFit Teens

Online Teenage Puppy Class

Got a puppy from 16 wo to 10 months old & need support to get through the Teenager stage?

  • Getting frustrated with digging & chewing?

  • Trying to stop biting & chasing?

  • Worried about focus?

My DogFit Teens class is designed to support you & your pup through the toughest part of puppy-dom - the Teenage Stage.

For pups aged 16 weeks to 11 months, this class addresses your issues in a personalised & constant support environment.


  • 4 Online live sessions

  • Private group with weekly Q&A session

  • Full content library of videos & training info

  • Teen Pup Diary

  • Graduation pack

  • Professional support for the full course



Winston - The Winfluencer

"Before working with Frankie we really had no idea what to expect with being first-time fur parents. We had done a lot of reading and research about English Bulldogs and a friend bought us a gift voucher to work with Frankie, so we were thrilled to have work with an expert. 


Frankie put together a fabulous program of training for us to do each week with Winston which he loved and learned quickly. She also gave us confidence with our efforts and making progress to having a well-behaved dog. Having the Facebook group with the communications, videos and sessions with Halo were brilliant. At one point we had an issue with dealing with Winston's car seat and travelling to family during COVID-19 and Frankie responded quickly in helping us to navigate what to do.


We now feel more confident in teaching Winston strategies for not just being an obedient dog, but one that we can do some fun things with and really enjoy. We even bought a skateboard to start teaching him how to ride it!


We can't thank you enough for your advice and support Frankie, we are so grateful for your kindness towards Winston and helping us to get started on our puppy ownership dream!"

- Jane & Mark - Brisbane



Ruby is a young Border Collie teenager, who had focus and calming requirements + some resource guarding to work through. 

Janika & Ryan said:

"Thanks Frankie!!! You taught us so much. Ruby is a lot more focused and settled now, and we're able to take her out with us with great success" 


Nevada, Alaska & Quebec

Nevada is a gorgeous Aussie who has a lovely caring family environment. I had the great privelige of working with all 3 of Danielle's pups.

"So proud of my youngest boy. He accomplished so much in such a short time and so quickly, even surprised me.

Thanks so much

Frankie Aston Ccft

for sharing your knowledge with us yet again as without your guidance having Alaska, Quebec & Nevada all so close in age could’ve been a nightmare yet they all are an absolute joy to call family."

- Danielle

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